[Ecls-list] Does serve-event build on windows

Steve Smith tarka at internode.on.net
Thu Oct 25 21:45:31 UTC 2007

> Well, Windows is only minimally Posix compliant. The current
> serve-event implementation doesn't really work, as there's no
> sys/select.h file on Windows. But the problems are somewhat bigger:
> select() can't be called on filehandles (on Windows); the function is
> implemented for sockethandles only.

Yep, I've had a quick look around and it appears the posix
compatability layer was made optional in XP.  In that case it's
probably better to make serve-event optional for the time being; I'm
adding a basic unix package at the moment, if anyone wants to add a
W32 compatability layer to it they can and we'll work from there.


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