[Ecls-list] Mingw build error

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll jjgarcia at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Mar 20 17:32:57 UTC 2007

2007/3/12, Marko Kocić <marko.kocic at gmail.com>:
> I tried to build latest CVS using mingw and gmp Makefile is also not generated.
> I tried different variations of
> ./configure --enable-threads --enable-unicode --enable-slow-config
> --with-tcp --with-clx --with-system-gmp=no --prefix=/c/lisp/app/ecl
> but with no luck.

First of all, never use the --enable-slow-config flag. Second, even
without it, GMP will refuse to build. That is a problem with the
library. I am trying to fix it right nw, though it is not really my
work and I am not sure I will succeed.

The problem is that GMP builds programs with an include statement such as

#include "/absolute/path/to/sources/gmp-h.in"

and this path is only valid for mingw, not for gcc. In othe words, the
POSIX paths that msys supports are not supported by their port of GCC.
Simply schizophrenic

> Is mingw port still supported, or we have to switch to MSVC?

The Mingw port is now user supported. I try to commit fixes and
correct things myself, but it has become a pain on the ass as a
platform, quite as much as GMP 4.2.1 is as a library.  The MSVC port
simply works and when it breaks it is rather easy to fix things.
Cygwin is also another viable option right now.


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