[Ecls-list] Weird problem with Exscribe on ECL

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 10:18:42 UTC 2007

Dear ECL hackers,

I got Exscribe to compile under ECL after modifying meta to work
around the bug previously reported on the list (about (copy-readtable
foo bar) not working), and a few portability fixes to various places
in my code. However, I am still experiencing weird problems and
require your lights to help debug them.

1- When I dump an image, the resulting image seems to bug out during
initialization, way before the epilogue-code gets a chance to run, and
I am dropped at the REPL. However, it is not possible to debug the
code as is, because the stack is emptied before the REPL is activated
(no backtrace).
Top level.
it looks like cl-launch is the only system loaded, and the setup file
is never loaded.
Note that the cl-launch test suite works and includes loading of systems.

2- When I run ECL without dumping an image, it works. But I can't seem
to be able to call compile-file recursively, so I have to load without
compiling. (style files are normal lisp programs and work better when
they are compiled).

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