[Ecls-list] build.vc8 files in mac format

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll jjgarcia at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Feb 14 16:15:36 UTC 2007

007/2/13, Dean O'Connor <dean.oconnor at ite.com.au>:
> It does make sense because when I check out those problem files in linux
> they do have CR-LF instead of just LF.

TortoiseCVS is simply broken. The problem with it is that it attempts
to translate all files with unix file endings LF (or \n) into DOS
convention CR+LF (\r\n). It assumes that no file in CVS will carry the
DOS line ends characters.

"CVS internally stores line endings in UNIX style. So when committing
a Windows-style text file to CVS, <CR><LF> has to be converted to <LF>
before storing it on the CVS server. The opposite when updating: When
a text file is downloaded from the CVS server, <LF> has to be
converted to <CR><LF> before writing it to a sandbox on a Windows
system. CVSNT by default does all those conversions automatically."

As you see the first sentence is plain wrong. CVS does not care about
line ending conventions. It can handle DOS, Unix or Mac. It will
simply not modify the line endings of your files. That is what any
reasonable client will do, either Linux, BSD, Mac, or Cygwin/Mingw.

I will change the line endings in all files to be Unix like. But my
feeling is that this is wrong on the TortoiseCVS side.


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