[Ecls-list] build.vc8 files in mac format

Dean O'Connor dean.oconnor at ite.com.au
Tue Feb 13 08:08:39 UTC 2007

well the TortoiseCVS guys have throw the ball back.

Bug report: 


It does make sense because when I check out those problem files in linux 
they do have CR-LF instead of just LF.
So it does seems as tho some repo files are corrupt (perhaps too strong 
a word) with improper CR-LF's caused from checking-in with a non-CVSNT 
Windows client.

I wrote a quick bash script (well 2) to find all the files with CR-LF's 
in them. I couldn't get grep to do it, so this may seem like a strange 
way, but it works I think.
I have attached a list of files with CR-LF's in them (sorry no zip - 
sourceforge are blocking them). There's 110 of them.
I didn't verify everyone last one of them, but they matches with the 
ones I had problems with and random samples all had CR-LF's.

FYI, my scripts are below, just run findall.
cheers deano.

find * -type f | xargs  -i ./find.sh  {} {}

if hexdump -C $1 | grep -qs "0d 0a" ; then
       echo $1
exit 0

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
> 2007/2/12, Dean O'Connor <dean.oconnor at ite.com.au>:
>> Yes, it certainly seems to be a TortoiseCVS problem at least on my x64
>> machine. [...]
>> May I ask what Windows (x32/x64?) and TortoiseCVS version you tried ?
> Actually, I had the same problem with TortoiseCVS "stable" on a XP
> Home with 32 bits. The machine, though, is a Core 2 Duo, so it
> definitely has 64 bit registers available, but I doubt one can use
> them under Windows, may one?
> Are there any other CVS clients around, other than cygwin/mingw32?
> Would it make sense to make nightly CVS snapshots, then? This could be
> another reason to provide a continously updated mirror using
> mercurial, though.
> Cheers,
> Juanjo
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