[Ecls-list] Porting ECL to the Hurd

Pierre THIERRY nowhere.man at levallois.eu.org
Sat Feb 10 09:17:23 UTC 2007


I just begun trying to build ECL on the Hurd. I have made a series of
patches and corresponding bug reports on the Debian package. At the
moment, with the patches as they are, it seems that the build goes well.
The system where I build it is not very fast, so ECL has been emitting
code for 3 hours now. So far, so good.

The issues I hit were:

- nothing about the GNU system in autotools data (#410368)
- some signal handling code used flags and signatures when SA_SIGINFO is
  undefined that should only be used it is defined (#410367)
- the code relies on MAXPATHLEN or PATH_MAX being defined, but POSIX
  says they can be undefined and the value should then be fetched, if
  needed, by sysconf, in this case sysconf(_PC_PATH_MAX) (#410374)

There is still a flaw in my last patch, in that it won't check filename
size against a value fetched by sysconf. It seems to me the value should
only be fetched once (POSIX says the value won't change during the
lifetime of a process), and I wanted to ask where to put such
initialization and data.

I'm not so sure about how I reported the error that could happen when
doing malloc.

The bug reports in Debian's BTS:

- http://bugs.debian.org/410368
- http://bugs.debian.org/410367
- http://bugs.debian.org/410374

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