[Ecls-list] trouble with si:load-foreign-module

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll jjgarcia at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Aug 4 13:28:24 UTC 2007

I am sorry for the delay on solving this problem. I have just found
out that there was no lisp builtin type associated to the dynamically
loaded libraries. I mean that there was a data structure, but it had
no name that was known to functions like class-of, type-of, etc.

This is fixed in CVS now.


2007/4/17, Luis Oliveira <luismbo at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> While trying to bring CFFI's ECL backend up to date, I stumbled across a
> crash caused by trying to place the result si:load-foreign-module in a
> CLOS slot.
>   > (defclass foo () ((x :initarg :x)))
>   > (make-instance 'foo :x (si:load-foreign-module "/usr/lib/libz.so"))
>   Internal or unrecoverable error in:
>   not a lisp data object
>   Aborted
> Doing the same thing with, e.g., a struct works fine but whenever I try
> to put a "codeblock" object in a CLOS slot, ECL gets upset.  This
> happens with latest CVS, running on linux/x86-64.  HTH.
> --
> Luís Oliveira
> http://student.dei.uc.pt/~lmoliv/
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