[Ecls-list] Recursive reading problem with strings

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 25 17:17:25 UTC 2006

2006/9/22, Goffioul Michael <goffioul at imec.be>:
> I came across a very annoying problem while reading stuff from a gray
> stream recursively. The situation is the following:
> 1) the LISP reader has read the beginning of a string
> 2) with internal flags, I transfer the execution to some other function
> 3) within this other function, I call READ-FROM-STRING
> As the two reading operation at point 1 and 3 share the same internal
> buffer, they overwrite each other.

Fixed in CVS by introducing a pool of buffer strings. Somehow this
slows ECL a little bit. Perhaps the size of the buffers (128
characters) is too small. Time will tell.


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