[Ecls-list] Anyone successfully built ECL-0.9i using VC8?

WL Chiu ktimes at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 01:37:32 UTC 2006

Hi, I'm a noob in ECL.

Recently I downloaded the new free Microsoft compiler (VC8) and was trying to 
use it to build ECL-0.9i.  After few days of hard work I managed to build ECL 
without any fatal error (a lot of warnings though).

After the build I examined the "msvc" folder and found that ecl.lib is 
missing, and ecl.dll is basically empty.  Then when I did the "nmake 
flatinstall", the process stopped complaining about the missing ecl.lib file.

I just wondering if anyone can somehow show me the direction to solve this.

Many thanks,

W.L. Chiu

The followings are the major problems I encountered when I was trying to build 
ECL-0.9i, and what I did to "fix" them.

1. The "strnlen():dllimport function not allowed" problem, as stated in the 
previous posts.  I just commented out the code.

2. "Missing makeinfo.exe", I downloaded various makeinfo.exe from the internet 
but they are all too old (ie. < version 4.2).  I ended up using the 
makeinfo.exe from the cygwin package (it's version 4.8).

I'm not to sure if it is these "fixes" that results the missing ecl.lib 

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