[Ecls-list] Success on OpenBSD with Sparc, Sparc64, and Macppc

Bruce O'Neel edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org
Mon Sep 18 14:26:18 UTC 2006


I've had good success building and running ecl 0.9i on OpenBSD 3.9 on
Sparc, Sparc64, and MacPPC.

In all three cases the only trick was to install the /usr/ports boehm
garbage collector first and then build ecl with --enable-boehm=system.
Works great.

For MacPPC I edited the /usr/ports makefile so that the install isn't
ignored on powerpc.



edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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