[Ecls-list] Does ECL support SERVE-EVENT?

Dave Roberts dave at vyatta.com
Wed Sep 6 22:58:42 UTC 2006

Brad Beveridge wrote:
> I am writing a console application that uses ncurses, and will need to
> respond to sockets.  My target Lisp implementations are primarily ECL
> and SBCL.
> SBCL has a neat function called SERVE-EVENT, you register various file
> descriptors (in my case, each socket and standard input), and
> associate callbacks with them.  When the user hits a key, my key
> handler will get called, and when data comes in on a socket that
> callback will get called, and my main loop basically boils down to
> just calling SERVE-EVENT a lot.
> At least, that's what I think will happen - I'm not actually at that
> stage just yet.
> Anyhow - is there something similar in ECL?  If there isn't I will
> probably use CFFI to wrap the Posix select call, and do my own version


I don't believe ECL has anything similar. If you do this, please sent a 
note to the list and let us know. I have a similar project and I'm going 
to have to do the same thing. Likewise, if I get there first, I'll let 
you know.

-- Dave

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