[Ecls-list] About Embed ECL into C programs

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll jjgarcia at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Nov 20 09:31:56 UTC 2006

2006/11/20, David_Creelman at pa.com.au <David_Creelman at pa.com.au>:
> I think cl_def_c_function is used to import a C function into ECL (at least
> that's what I used it for), but here it looks like you're trying to use it
> to go the other way (so, I don't think it will work)

No, the code he showed is ok. It is generated by the compiler to
register the compiled C functions into the lisp environment.

> I'd do it here to show you what I mean, but I can't get CVS access and the
> latest tarball doesn't work for me on Cygwin (I'm on Win32).

I think I wrote you a previous email offering a darcs repository via
http. Would that be ok? I must warn, however, that I have not been
able to get a working cygwin nor mingw environment in my windows home
machine -- misterious crashes every time -- and that that machine
melted yesterday...


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