[Ecls-list] No threads on Darwin/x86? [patch]

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Sat Jun 17 08:58:02 UTC 2006

2006/6/17, Stephen Compall <s11 at member.fsf.org>:
> I didn't feel comfortable with trying to replace libgc in the tree with libgc6.7,
> as the differences between what's there now and libgc6.5 are fairly
> large.

But you do not need to replace anything. Just download it, build it
and point ECL to the directories where you installed it. It should
just work if this new version supports OSX/intel

> SLIME and the compiler seem to work.  I didn't test anything else,
> and that includes the threading API.  Can you point me to a good
> source file or something on ECL threading?

ECL uses the same API as most other lisps and wich has been borrowed
from the lisp machines multiprocessing capabilities. There is a page
contributed by Julian Stecklina which documents it




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