[Ecls-list] No threads on Darwin/x86? [patch]

Stephen Compall s11 at member.fsf.org
Fri Jun 16 23:03:36 UTC 2006

Juanjo writes:
 > I tried building it yesterday. It seems that the version of the  
 > collector we ship is too old for thread support in Darwin/x86.


Please try the above patch against CVS to src/gc/darwin_stop_world.c;  
I'm not sure that it's good enough, and an easier hack might be to  
disable GC_DARWIN_THREADS in favor of GC_PTHREADS.  I didn't feel  
comfortable with trying to replace libgc in the tree with libgc6.7,  
as the differences between what's there now and libgc6.5 are fairly  

Some of it is borrowed from libgc6.7; the assembler is my own, which  
wasn't present in libgc6.7 for some reason.

SLIME and the compiler seem to work.  I didn't test anything else,  
and that includes the threading API.  Can you point me to a good  
source file or something on ECL threading?

Stephen Compall

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