[Ecls-list] MSVC build not making ECL.dll in 0.9h ?

David Creelman dave at geko.net.au
Wed Jan 18 20:25:15 UTC 2006


I have done a standard nmake (with MSVC.NET) from the msvc directory and
I don't seem to be getting ECL.dll being made with version 0.9h.

With version 0.9g, it gets created and works. Is this an issue or have I
missed something ?

Also, should this be mentioned on the list or should bugs go to the
sf.net bug system for ecls ?

I've fiddled with compiler flags in the Makefile (and deleted the
directory and completely rebuilt) to no avail, so I'm heading back to
0.9g. I can send build logs if needed and if someone can tell me how to
capture them in WinXP.


David Creelman
GPG: 11CC 0D54 D37A 4B9C 5C65  AB63 5B18 7F99 7D77 9CA5

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