[Ecls-list] Latest fixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll juan.ripoll at mpq.mpg.de
Mon Jan 9 01:49:02 UTC 2006


first of all, my apologies for the incomplete fix that broke CVS during
Christmas. I have fixed that and added a couple of other changes as

* ECL uses now absolute paths when referencing files. The ANSI spec
mandates merging pathnames with the value of *default-pathname-defaults*
before accessing the file. However this variable is rarely used by
anybody. Instead, ECL additionally merges with the value of
(SI::GETCWD), that is the current directory as understood by the
operating system.

* The previous change propagates to the compiler. C, header, data and
object files are now produced in the same directory, and this directory
need not be the current one because the absolute pathnames are written
in the compiled file (in other words, the C compiler can find them).

* Previously, NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD was assumed not to return. Now it is
called whenever there are no methods in a generic function which match
the input arguments and the output of NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD is used as
the output of the generic function.



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