[Ecls-list] Compilation failure due to missing DATA file

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Fri Jan 6 00:54:01 UTC 2006

As reported before, I also experienced the compilation failure due
to the missing DATA file. Looking at the code, it appear that the
lies in file cmp/cmptop.lsp, around line 125:

    (unless shared-data
      (wt-nl1 "#include \"" (si::coerce-to-filename (truename
data-pathname)) "\""))

The problem is that TRUENAME is used on the data file, but it does not
yet. Indeed, in cmp/cmpmain.lsp, function COMPILE-FILE, the data file is
*after* the call to COMPILER-PASS2.

The TRUENAME call has been added intentionally by Juanjo 2 weeks ago, so
I'm not
sure what's the correct fix for it. However, for those who want a quick
removing the TRUENAME call should solve the problem.


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