[Ecls-list] head: -8 is deprecated in 0.9i

Dennis Heuer dh at triple-media.com
Sat Dec 23 01:58:45 UTC 2006


I tried to install ecl the first time but it stopped because of
deprecated options for the head command. One shall now use -n 8. I
restarted make with LANG=en_US to send you the output but then
compilation ended successfully. Am not shure if that's a good sign,

Btw., arrow keys produce escape codes in the runtime environment when
under X. In bash, arrow keys cause the cursor to run around on screen
and, after pressing return, the environment prints an 'unknown ESC
character' error. In both, the prompt 'grows' for one new '>' after each
error message.

I use ecl under linux 2.6.19 with bash 3.0.1 and x 7.0.1 and a german
PC105 keyboard. 

Dennis Heuer

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