[Ecls-list] ecl-0.9i on Sharp Zaurus

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll jjgarcia at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Dec 15 22:36:42 UTC 2006

2006/12/15, Alexander Shendi <shendi at saruman.lb.bawue.de>:
> I do not have a cross-compiles for my current desktop setup (Mac OS X
> Intel), so  I would have to build a cross-compiler myself. How is are
> the lisp files compiled using a cross-compiler? I don't see how it
> works, given that the compilation host cannnot execute the ecl_min
> binary.

The cross compiler uses the ecl of the host, but sets flags appropiate
for the destination machine. Notice that ecl_min's purpose is only to
translate a number of lisp files to C. The only reason why the user is
forced to do this is because the resulting C files may differ
depending on the configuration flags or machine features, but what
ecl_min on the destination does can also be performed by ecl running
on a completely different machine.

The cross compilation used to work as follows: you run ./configure
--with-cross-config=yes This outputs a dummy configuration file with
information that ECL needs about your machine. Fill the file and run
./configure --with-cross-config=filename, where "filename" is the file
where you stored the settings. Run "make" and wait.

As I said, I have not done this for several years, so it might not
work at all, but if there are any problems it should be easy to fix


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