[Ecls-list] very close to building with msvc

Dustin Long dlong at stevens.edu
Tue Dec 12 04:35:31 UTC 2006

I've been trying to get my windows/msvc6 build to work, and have gotten 
close to figuring it out. ecl_min crashes when trying to load 
config.lsp, at the call into "user-homedir-pathname" here:
(si::pathname-translations "HOME"
  `(("**;*.*" ,(merge-pathnames "**/*.*" (user-homedir-pathname)))))
This is msvc only, which is why cygwin works okay.
I'm not sure what user-homedir-pathname is supposed to be doing, but for 
some reason when it passes "/" into parse-namestring, that causes an 
illegal_index, then aborts. On a related note, I had noticed a bug in 
unixfsys.d:si_get_library_pathname (also msvc only), it was passing a 
raw char* into the first parameter, instead of a cl_object. But even 
fixing that doesn't help the build to succeed.

The only error I'm getting is "Unrecoverable error: Lisp initialization 
error." I'll be pouring over the stack trace, but in the meantime, any tips?


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