[Ecls-list] help port ecl to nslu2

Brian Zhou b88zhou at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 17 22:05:03 UTC 2006

Hi list,

I'm trying to port ecl to nslu2 (a small NAS device with ARM CPU, see
http://nslu2-linux.org for detail) with the optware cross compilation
environment. I made some progress, even got libecl.so cross built. But for
some reason the host ecl built the following four items, while the cross ecl
built only lsp and defsystem.

> ;;; Compiling src:lsp;export.lsp.
> ;;; Compiling ext:defsystem;defsystem.lisp.
> ;;; Compiling ext:asdf;asdf.lisp.
> ;;; Compiling ext:rt;rt.lisp.

Perhaps as a result, the cross ecl binary was not built.

I've checked in the work-in-progress files at


And I've uploaded a full buildlog (about 2MB) at


I appreciate any help. It would be very nice to have a COMMON LISP running
on the "slug".

-Brian Zhou

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