[Ecls-list] Some questions about embedding ecl

Bruce O'Neel edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Apr 7 06:22:10 UTC 2006


I've been thinking about using ECL in a project and I have some questions:

- I can call ecl from C. I can call C from ecl.  Can I call from C to
ECL, back to C, and then back into ECL?  ie, can I nest ECL calls?

- I assume the default is that within a program you have one lisp
world.  Can I have more than one?  Ie, can I have two threads, each of
which calls into ECL, and and those ecl lisp worlds are separate?

- What happens if both of those threads are active at once in
different lisp worlds?

- What happens if both of those thread are active in the same lisp

- If I have two separate ECL worlds, how separate are they?  Ie, do
they share function definitions or are they completely separate.  What
happens if they both load the same .fas file?

Thanks very much in advance.



edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org
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