[Ecls-list] Re: [Maxima] Problems with ECL and Maxima

Raymond Toy raymond.toy at ericsson.com
Tue May 10 05:06:13 UTC 2005

>>>>> "Goffioul" == Goffioul Michael <goffioul at imec.be> writes:

    Goffioul> 1.  (*) text/plain          ( ) text/html           
    >> >>>>> "Goffioul" == Goffioul Michael <goffioul at imec.be> writes:
    >> >> Can you point out where this fails?
    Goffioul> In get-instream function (src/nparse.lisp).
    >> And that actually triggers an error?  Shouldn't having errset bound to
    >> NIL and the errset macro make sure that the namestring error is
    >> caught and nothing happens except to set name to nil?

    Goffioul> I cannot reproduce it anymore. The regular maxima code works OK now. So
    Goffioul> it was probably due to something else.

Ok, that's good I guess.  Problem solved, and nothing had to be
done. :-)


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