[Ecls-list] Build cleanups, part one.

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Mon Mar 28 23:46:40 UTC 2005

> First patch with configure.in cleanups is at
> http://japhy.fnord.org/pub/ecls-20050325-build-1.tar.gz .  I can't
> figure out how my changes would affect build on exotic platforms
> (i.e. Windows); it may also have some other side effects which I
> overlooked.  Any comments or tests are welcome.  Here is list of
> my changes and some questions (also included in tarball in file
> CHANGES.japhy):

Concerning building under Windows, this uses a self-contained Makefile
in the msvc subdir. As long as the changes only affects configure.in,
it doesn't affect Windows build. However, this Makefile uses the same
variable names as substituted by configure, so if you change them, this
affects Windows build (ex: MACHINE -> MACHINE_VERSION)


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