[Ecls-list] Building ECL

Jachym Holecek freza at psi.cz
Wed Feb 23 05:03:05 UTC 2005


> I have tried building ecls (CVS HEAD) in various configurations, mostly
> to estimate its space requirements. I encountered some problems:
>   -- it seems ecls insists on having sockets compiled in, even if
>      configured with --disable-tcp,
>   -- is it possible to build a statically linked ecls? I had to create
>      my own compile.lsp in order to do that, one with sockets excluded
>      and with -static added to gcc command line. I still had to
>      configure with --disable-shared to get libecls.a instead of
>      libecls.so. However, the resulting ecl wasn't functional.
>   -- I find the --with-local-{boehm|gmp} options confusing -- initially
>      I thought they do the opposite of what they really do and I was
>      really confused. Perhaps they should be renamed to
>      --with-system-{boehm|gmp}?

    -- The library takes about 3s to initialize (cl_boot() call) on my
       PeeCee, which is prohibitive for my needs (embedded ${unix}-based
       devices). Or maybe I just mis-configured something? Runtime speed
       looks very good (coming from the C/UNIX world, I was
       subconsciously expecting Lisp to be _damn slow_ ;-).

If this is in fact a bug, then I'd be glad to do some more debugging.

		-- Jachym Holecek

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