[Ecls-list] Building ECL

Jan Rychter jan at rychter.com
Wed Feb 23 03:36:36 UTC 2005

I have tried building ecls (CVS HEAD) in various configurations, mostly
to estimate its space requirements. I encountered some problems:

  -- it seems ecls insists on having sockets compiled in, even if
     configured with --disable-tcp,

  -- is it possible to build a statically linked ecls? I had to create
     my own compile.lsp in order to do that, one with sockets excluded
     and with -static added to gcc command line. I still had to
     configure with --disable-shared to get libecls.a instead of
     libecls.so. However, the resulting ecl wasn't functional.

  -- I find the --with-local-{boehm|gmp} options confusing -- initially
     I thought they do the opposite of what they really do and I was
     really confused. Perhaps they should be renamed to

And another question, this one unrelated to the build process. Is there
a way to save byte-compiled code to files and load them subsequently? I
didn't find any mention of it in the manuals. It would be really useful
for small embedded systems where space is limited -- I'm assuming the
bytecode representation is significantly more compact than shared
libraries that have gone through the C compiler. I'm willing to live
with smaller execution speed, but space is a premium issue.


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