[Ecls-list] sockets interface

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Thu Feb 10 06:16:17 UTC 2005

> > It'd be nice to port this to MSVC as well (although I'm not 
> sure MSVC
> > provides always equivalent features), however could you provide a
> > simple test case/file that checks basic functionalities?
> It's not ready to be ported yet in my opinion, at least if we want to
> keep a single source file for both Unix and Windoze. But here you go.
> rt.lisp is unchanged from SBCLs CVS head. test.lisp contains the test
> cases adapted from SBCL. do-tests runs all tests. You need an echo
> server on port 7 for some tests.

Attached is the modified source code (and the associated patch) to
add support for MSVC. I don't know if all features works OK, but at
least it passes all tests in the file you sent. Of course, it doesn't
have support for UNIX sockets.

Use it if you want.

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