[Ecls-list] Latest fixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Mon Apr 11 03:27:06 UTC 2005


sorry for the lack of responsiveness, but I've been away on a conference 
and also applying for a job. I still found some time to work on several 
bugs, with changes being listed below:

+ DEFVAR/DEFPARAMETER are no longer treated specially by the compiler 
(Part of an ongoing effort to fix and simplify the compilation of 
toplevel forms)

+ Variables defined in toplevel DEFVAR/DEFPARAMETER forms are now 
recognized by the compiler as special.

+ I have reimplemented DEFCBODY, DEFENTRY and DEFLA. The documentation 
for the FFI has been slightly improved.

+ The documentation of the compiler library is no longer stored in 
SYS:HELP.DOC. Fixes an error message when invoking (DOCUMENTATION '+ 

+ The optimizers for slot access have been fixed. Now, optimization only 
happens for variables which are declared to be of STANDARD-OBJECT type.

+ All classes have a DOCUMENTATION slot.



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