[Ecls-list] More on RC...

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Fri Oct 29 09:57:06 UTC 2004

I have tagged the release candidate as ECL_0_9d_RC, just in case 
somebody wants to submit patches.

Also, I have changed the way configuration proceeds. Formerly, ECL used 
GMP to guess flags for the compiler, as well as the host name. Since GMP 
and the FSF use very different host names, and to avoid problems with 
some flags that do not play well with ECL's own code, I have omitted 
this process.

This only influences the SPARC/Solaris 9 port. In this machine you will 
have to do "./configure --guess-host-cflags" to use the old 
configuration process.



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