[Ecls-list] GC interface

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Mon Nov 29 07:56:18 UTC 2004

Julian Stecklina wrote:

> <>If I have a C structure holding CL objects, I need to tell the GC
> about it. I nice way is to use GC_MALLOC_UNCOLLECTABLE to allocate it
> explicitly as traceable memory. Would it be "ok" to have this added to
> ECLs API? Btw, does this mean we need to have an ecl_free() as well 
> (calling GC_FREE)?

Yes. In principle I could define cl_dealloc to do the job, but I think 
it is better to have an additional function. Also cl_dealloc() requires 
the size of the memory to be deallocated, because it remains compatible 
with the old garbage collector, which is rather dumb and cannot find out 
the size of a pointer by itself.

The patch with the functions ecl_alloc/free_uncollectable has been 


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