[Ecls-list] exception question

Michael O'Connor moconnor59 at yahoo.com
Mon May 10 04:40:07 UTC 2004

--- worm <worm at arrakis.es> wrote:
> > I'm trying to do this using 'throw
> runtime_error(...'
> > but I get "System error. Trying to recover ..."
> from
> > the interpreter when the exception is thrown.
> This error is not from ECL :-/ Did you compile ECL
> using a C++ compiler
> (option --with-cxx at configuration time)? If so,
> then I really do not
> know how ECL can interfere with the exception system
> from C++. The only
> fancy thing ECL uses are setjmp/longjmp, but they
> are standard and
> should be tolerated by C++.

Hmmm - no I didn't do this, but when I try with
release 0.9c (with configure option --enable-cxx), I
get a bunch of errors including the following when I
run make:

ecl-0.9c/src/c/main.d:62: implicit declaration of
function `int init_alloc(...)'
ecl-0.9c/src/c/main.d:104: implicit declaration of
function `int init_instance(...)'

And when I try with the latest cvs code I get the
following error in the call to cl_def_c_macro():

ecls/build/lsp/defmacro.c:990: ANSI C++ prohibits
conversion from `(int, cl_lispunion *, cl_lispunion
*)' to `(...)'


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