[Ecls-list] Building CLX on i386?

Marco Antoniotti marcoxa at cs.nyu.edu
Mon Mar 22 07:28:39 UTC 2004

Please resubmit the CLX patches to the CLOCC.  I will resubmit them if 
needed (given time and help :) )


On Monday, Mar 22, 2004, at 09:58 America/New_York, Juan Jose Garcia 
Ripoll wrote:

> Sorry for the late answer, but I am rather busy at job this week.
> Prut Flut wrote:
>> I tried to build CLX on i386 with ecl but ran into a couple
>> of problems:
> Well, if you have a look at the output of ./configure --help, you will 
> notice that the --with-clx (not --with-x) is missing. This is because 
> the CLX library shipped with ECL is simply too old and does not work. 
> Not so long ago, I ported the "portable CLX" library from the CLOCC 
> archive. I submitted the patches to the CLOCC archive but they were 
> not incorporated. ECL has changed since, and the patches have to be 
> updated (done) and incorporated into the source tree (almost there) 
> and tested (a couple of weeks).
> Regards,
> Juanjo
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