[Ecls-list] Building CLX on i386?

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Mon Mar 22 06:59:13 UTC 2004

Sorry for the late answer, but I am rather busy at job this week.

Prut Flut wrote:

>I tried to build CLX on i386 with ecl but ran into a couple
>of problems:
Well, if you have a look at the output of ./configure --help, you will 
notice that the --with-clx (not --with-x) is missing. This is because 
the CLX library shipped with ECL is simply too old and does not work. 
Not so long ago, I ported the "portable CLX" library from the CLOCC 
archive. I submitted the patches to the CLOCC archive but they were not 
incorporated. ECL has changed since, and the patches have to be updated 
(done) and incorporated into the source tree (almost there) and tested 
(a couple of weeks).



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