[Ecls-list] cannot cross compile ecl 0.9c

Larry Clapp larry at theclapp.org
Mon Mar 1 05:35:01 UTC 2004

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll said:
> On Monday 01 March 2004 04:15, Larry Clapp wrote:
>> In the meantime, I've gotten ecl to compile natively on my target
>> platform (a Sharp Zaurus), although I had to comment out GMP's
>> configure script complaining about unsigned division not working in
>> gcc 2.95.3 for the arm cpu series.  I haven't seen any errors yet
>> (though I haven't done much bignum division, either :), and I don't
>> think I'll have much use for bignums in my target application, but
>> we'll see.  If it turns out I'm wrong, well, hopefully cross
>> compiling will work by then!  :)
> Great news! You should know that 1) cross-compiling does not bring
> anything better than native compiling

Nothing except more speed (1 GHz vz ~200 MHz, 1 GB RAM vz 32 MB + 64 MB
swap (to a cardflash card, no less), compiling over a usb 1.1 nfs mount
... it took *a while* to compile ecl :), and a more up-to-date compiler
(3.3 vs 2.95.3).  I found a webpage on compiling the whole cross-compiler
toolchain from scratch, but haven't had time to try it (or the motivation,
given that my 2.95.3-compiled version works acceptably so far).

> and 2) bignums _are_ used during compilation (for the typechecking
> algorithm), so if GMP had to cause you some problems you should know
> by now. If you want to make sure that your native version is good,
> run the tests (make tests) and compare the output with that of a
> supported platform.

Thanks, I'll try that.  I'd seen that suggestion in the manual or readme
or somewhere, but postponed it.

-- Larry

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