[Ecls-list] sed

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Fri Jun 11 08:11:16 UTC 2004

Stephen wrote:

>Due to a sed error, all the makefiles are empty. They all get make, but sed
>immediately freaks and nothing gets written to them.
>config.status: creating demos/pexpr-config.h
>sed: can't read C: No such file or directory
>sed: can't read
>/msys/1.0/home/Stephen/ecl-0.9b/src/gmp/demos/pexpr-config-h.in: No such
>file or directory
>Somehow the drive letter and the directory trees are being read as separate
>directories by sed.
>Try as I might, I cannot determine which sed script determines this part of
>the config. Can someone help?
To me it seems you are using an old version of ECL (the one in CVS is 
recommended). I do not get these errors with the "unstable" version of 
ECL, but then again I have not updated my copy MSYS (The GNU development 
environment for Windows) in the last months.



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