[Ecls-list] local-gmp

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Mon Jun 7 01:43:04 UTC 2004

Julian Stecklina wrote:

>has anything changed regarding GMP? I am unable to build a working ECL
>system configured with --enable-local-gmp. All I get is Lisp
>initialization error. I'll try to get a proper backtrace.
Hmm, I did not update GMP, and in my SuSE box I always compile with 
--enable-local-gmp. Maybe you have a newer version in your system? Or 
too old? We make more intense use of  GMP 4.1's facilities right now, 
for things like logical operations, bit fiddling, etc. Maybe you have 
discovered a bug?

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