[Ecls-list] Newbie question

daniel jay macdonald dmacd at u.washington.edu
Sat Dec 18 14:12:01 UTC 2004


I am just getting started with ECL and I want to say in advance that this
looks like a fantastic lisp; I wish I had discovered it years ago! A big
thank you to Juan et al for maintaining it.

I am trying to build a basic program that relies on some external libs,
(specifically SDL and OpenGL). I can use ecl to generate the C and then
compile it with my own makefile but I dont know how to make ecl _just_
generate the C (and not go on to fail to compile the file and interrupt
the rest of my build script). Is there a combination of :options I'm

Also, is there really no way ecl can compile (and load?) objects linked
with libraries it itself was not linked with? Is it just easier to
recompile ecl with all the -l and -I's I need?



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