[Ecls-list] Latest fixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Thu Dec 16 03:28:02 UTC 2004

Critical ones:

* Incomplete support for binary streams. By default, streams are now of 
type CHARACTER which is equivalent to (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8). Streams of 
other types, such as UNSIGNED-BYTE, (UNSIGNED-BYTE 100), (SIGNED-BYTE 
2), etc, are also supported, but the size of the byte is (as of now) 
rounded up to a multiple of 8 and READ/WRITE-CHAR signal an error when 
applied on these streams.

Other fixes:

* Fixes in the evaluation order of arguments of INCF, DECF, etc. (M. 

* Fixes related to the MSVC port (M. Goffioul)

Ideally, I should have not broken any old program in doing these 
changes, since the equivalence between CHARACTER and (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8) 
streams is preserved. However, the fix is incomplete and many functions 
have not yet been updated to larger byte sizes (for instance, 



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