[Ecls-list] About ECL 0.9c

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Fri Oct 31 01:02:07 UTC 2003


first of all let me present my excuses for publishing such a buggy tarball, 
but this was part of my evil plan to grab attention :-) Not really, my line 
of thought is as follows

* Anonymous CVS in Sourceforge is no longer responsive enough and many people 
do use the patches instead of anonymous CVS. However, I have made big changes 
(new GMP, for instance), which involve creation of directories and which the 
patch files would not cover, or they would at the risk of becoming enormous. 
Hence the need for an interim release against which patches may be applied.

* I need testers: people which check the latest versions of ECL (either from 
CVS or from patches) and try to build them in as many platforms. My choice of 
words "This is a bugfix release _for_ _developers_" mightnot have been the 
most appropiate one. Maybe I should have said "for developers of ECL", i.e. 
people who are familiar enough with the internals and can provide me with 
some feedback.

In the end, the e-mails of the mailing list have been very useful. I will fix 
the problems this weekend (or even earlier) and produce patch files for them. 
The problems I spotted here are

* The flag -lgmp is missing at link time when configuring with 

* The *debugger-hook* does not work as expected.

* "ecl-config" is outdated, and does not have all required flags and tries to 
link missing libraries (libclos.a is NO LONGER REQUIRED! libecl.a encompasses 
everything, but it is much better to use libecl.so)

* The interface for trapping errors is suboptimal. Examples are required in 
the documentation.

* The libraries and headers should be installed in a more standard location.


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