[Ecls-list] Examples of successful integration in applications.

Robert Lehr bozzio at the-lehrs.com
Thu Oct 30 23:26:03 UTC 2003

Juan, et. al.,

Is anybody actually using ECL?  What applications are being written with it?
Besides unicorp (http://unicorp.sourceforge.net/).  Even on that project, ECL
integration seems to be in a holding-pattern.

Does anybody have any examples that they can share?  Since the documentation is
so sparse, they would be more useful if some examples of successful integration
of ECL into pre-existing or new applications were available.

The actual ECL code does not actually use much of the documented API.  The CLX
and pvm code that is included is outdated.  Some of the more commonly used
functions are not documented.  I have in mind, some functions discussed on the
mailing list, like cl_def_c_function_va(), e.g.,


and others used in ECL and unicorp code.

I would contribute some myself.  But I am having too much trouble conjuring a
reliable framework that I can my other team members can use.

I have a big problem with trapping errors.  After studying the code and using
the various functions and CPP macroes from stacks.h, my program still pops into
the top-level when an error occurs.  Such errors as non-existent packages or
failing to load a file.  Having a critical daemon invisibly enter the repl is
not a good thing.  So I need to solve that, too.

Has anybody solved that?  The unicorp developers have similar problems.


Robert Lehr

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