[Ecls-list] More fixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll juan.ripoll at mpq.mpg.de
Mon Oct 27 00:55:03 UTC 2003

Right now on CVS and later, when SF allows me, as patches:

- When compiling shared libraries or FASL files, the flag -fPIC is now used.

- An optimization flag (regparm) has been removed, which is specific to GCC 
and the intel platform. It produced a lot of warnings on the PPC or Alpha and 
did not bring much speed or space to the Intel build.

- When introducing the new mechanism for loading symbols from a FASL file, a 
variable was introduced that lacked a type (it was a typo). This bug 
prevented the system from running in architectures with 32-bits ints and 
64-bit pointers.



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