[Ecls-list] a 'newline' patch and an 'ecl-config' question

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Thu Nov 13 00:43:01 UTC 2003

On Thursday 13 November 2003 01:06, Robert Lehr wrote:
> I attached a patch to put a newline at
>   + at the end of the usage message, and
>   + when compilation finishes.

I have committed it to CVS (& patch file) today, but only for cmpmain.lsp The 
output of top.lsp is more readable now, and I fear that your sources are 
rather old (top.lsp has a more appealing interface and the options -shell and  
-norc is only handled properly with the version on CVS HEAD).

> In the ecl-config cflags, is the autoconf machine triplet macro useful or
> required?  It causes meaningless "ISO" warnings when building my
> application.  I am referring to the cpp macro passed in the CFLAGS that
> looks like this.
>      -Di386-redhat-linux
>      -Di386-pc-linux
> It is substituted from autoconf in the '-D at host@' line in the pre-build
> ecl-config.  No references that I found for this triplet explain its use.

This is a bug. It is fixed now.



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