[Ecls-list] using local-gmp

Julian St. der_julian at web.de
Sun Nov 9 13:46:02 UTC 2003


ECL still does not build with local GMP on my system. As said before,
specifying apropriate LDFLAGS to configure does not help. The problem
seems to be in compile.lsp.in:

;; We do not need the -rpath flag for the library, nor -lecl.
(let ((c::*ld-shared-flags* "@SHARED_LDFLAGS@ @CLIBS@"))
  (c::shared-cc (compile-file-pathname "ecl" :type :dll)
                "c/main. at OBJEXT@"
                (compile-file-pathname "ecl" :type :lib)
                #+boehm-gc "-lgc"
                . #.(unless (equalp "@LDINSTALLNAME@" "")

There seems to be no way to influence the value of @SHARED_LDFLAGS@ from
configure. But I still think configure should find the location of
libgmp on its own, shouldn't it?

		 Situation normal. Panic accordingly.

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