[Ecls-list] Some fixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Mon May 19 08:41:11 UTC 2003


I have fixed some things in the CVS branch called NEW_DIRECTORY. These are
	- A bogus optimizer for EQL.
	- FFI::DEFENTRY did not check carefully enough its arguments.
	- DIRECTORY now should work as expected.
	- New function SI::FILE-KIND which outputs :DIRECTORY, :LINK,
	  :FILE or NIL depending on the type of filesystem object we name.
	- The shebang mode now works a little bit better.

A couple of remarks. (DIRECTORY "./") lists all files and directories and 
devices in the current directory. (DIRECTORY "./*") lists all files __that do 
not have a file type__. And (DIRECTORY "./**/*.*") lists for instance all 
files in all directories and subdirectories.

It is not mentioned in the manual, but ECL supports #! shell scripting since 
version 0.8. I have been using it succesfully for half a year now in our own 
webserver. Basically, you have to add a line
	#!/the/path/to/your/ecl/executable/ecl -shell
at the beginning of a text file. (QUIT) and the initialization routine were 
modified so that no noise (i.e. copyright messages, etc), is emitted. Only an 
error message might appear if something bad happens.


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