[Ecls-list] defentry problems [0.9]

Stig E Sandoe stig at langband.org
Mon May 5 03:24:08 UTC 2003


I tried to get ffi working with ECL but I seem unable to get it
working.  I follow the example in the docs:

(in-package :cl-user)

(clines "
int buffy(int val)
  return val + val;

(ffi:defentry buffy (ffi:int) (ffi:int "buffy"))


The interpreter stumbles on it, so I tried to compile it:

$ /local/tmp/bin/ecl -compile kb.lsp
;;; Loading "/local/tmp/lib/ecl/cmp.so"
;;; Warning: PROCLAIM is being redefined.
;;; Warning: COMPILE-FILE-PATHNAME is being redefined.
;;; Warning: COMPILE-FILE is being redefined.
;;; Warning: COMPILE is being redefined.
;;; Warning: DISASSEMBLE is being redefined.
;;; Warning: WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT is being redefined.
;;; Compiling kb.lsp.
;;; Compiling (FFI:DEFENTRY BUFFY ...).
;;; The macro form (FFI:DEFENTRY ...) was not expanded successfully.
;;; You are recommended to compile again.

So how can I make ECL call C-code (both inline and in other libraries)?

(System: Debian Linux/x86, 2.4.20, glibc2.3, ECL v0.9 from source)

Stig E. Sandø      stig at langband.org      http://www.langband.org/

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