[Ecls-list] Mac OS X does build

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Fri Nov 22 10:20:03 UTC 2002

It is more or less fixed. The problem was with invoking "cc -E" to preprocess 
some file. The file to be preprocessed was a shell script with some 
"#ifdef"'s. MacOSX's cc trashed the file. I replaced the shell script with an 
automatically built program, but in a near future I intend to replace the 
whole machines.h with a shell script.

As for the recent changes, you will notice that config.h has changed a lot. I 
am trying to clear the C namespace from symbols which are only required 
during the build process of ECL. Furthermore, some functions got the prefix 
ecl_* The convention I decided to follow is this

cl_*	for functions from the COMMON-LISP package
si_* for functions from the SYSTEM package
ecl_* for functions which take arguments other than lisp objects, functions 
which perform less typechecking.
_ecl_* functions not intended for the general use.

This naming convention is not yet fully implemented.

Best regards


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