[Ecls-list] Mac OS X does not build :-(

Marco Antoniotti marcoxa at cs.nyu.edu
Fri Nov 22 08:05:02 UTC 2002

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> Hi,
> the OSX accounts in SourceForge work again and, to my surprise, ECL does fail
> to compile in this platform.
> It will take me some time to debug why. Right now I am stuck on cl_assoc(),
> where a setjmp() is returning 1 even without a longjmp() being called. Funny.
> I wish I had an OSX laptop. I saw some of them at the ILC. Does anyone here
> have one? Are they worth the money? I have a Sony VAIO, but it runs out of
> batteries extremely fast.

My G4 is just fantastic.  I mean: its' a question of feeling.  It is
just better.  It is definitively worth the price.


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