[Ecls-list] Some minor glitches

Dr. Edmund Weitz edi at agharta.de
Tue Jan 22 00:30:04 UTC 2002

Regarding my endeavours with embedding ECL into a C app, I encountered
a couple of minor glitches which I'll list here for reference:

Everything refers to the current CVS version, downloaded on Sunday,
January 20, and built with no particular configure options.

1. I couldn't built ECL out-of-the-box on my Linux machine. First, the
   gc headers were not found, and afterwards 'libgc.a' wasn't found
   which was hidden in 'build/gc/.libs/'. Both problems could easily
   be fixed by manipulating the Makefile.

2. It should be noted in the developer documentation that the "C"
   package is only available after the compiler has been loaded. I was
   seriously puzzled when I got the message "There is no package with
   the name C" also I knew that I had used this package before... :)

3. The symbol C:BUILD-ECLS is still there but the function with the
   same name that's mentioned in the developer documentation seems to
   be gone. Will it be replaced by C::BUILD-PROGRAM?

4. I think it would be nice if C::BUILD-PROGRAM and relatives also had
   the :C-FILE, :H-FILE, and :DATA-FILE options so one could see what
   kind of C code is generated.

5. Finally, what is the :SYSTEM-P flag used for that can be given as
   an option to COMPILE-FILE? I didn't find documentation for it.


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