[Ecls-list] setf, export and makefile fixes

Hannu Koivisto azure at iki.fi
Sun Feb 17 14:06:19 UTC 2002


If there were both macro x and setf expander x defined, the macro
was expanded first in (setf (x ...) ...).  I also recall there was
actually no definition for make-instances-obsolete, but I renamed
it anyway and retained there for the future.  Other changes should
be obvious.

2002-02-16  Hannu Koivisto  <azure at iki.fi>

	* lsp/setf.lsp:
	  * define-setf-method -> define-setf-expander,
	    get-setf-method -> get-setf-expansion.
	  * (setf-expand-1) Now relies completely on get-setf-expansion and
	    macros are no longer favored over setf expanders.

	* lsp/export.lsp:
	  * In CLOS exports: define-setf-method -> define-setf-expander,
	    get-setf-method -> get-setf-expansion,
	    make-instance-obsolete -> make-instances-obsolete.
	    get-setf-method-multiple-value removed.  Added
	    added reinitialize-instance, shared-initialize and

	* lsp/describe.lsp:
	  * define-setf-method -> define-setf-expander

	* doc/Makefile.in:
	  * ecl.html and ecldev.html targets replaced with touch-dummies to
	    prevent the rules from being executed needlessly.

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