[Ecls-list] Ca ECL be embedded into C++?

Andrew Topp talmakion at yahoo.com.au
Wed Dec 11 08:05:05 UTC 2002

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It is possible. I know this because I'm doing it. My project
(http://unicorp.sourceforge.net/) uses ECL as its commandline
interpreter and script engine, among other things for the future.

Unfortuneately, the project's currently being neglected, and only works
with ECL 0.6. Juan was assisting me a bit with some modifications to ECL
and patches to UC regarding 0.7+ and its function name changes, etc. I'm
not sure how that's going.

I'm using the CLOS streams and cfuns called from there to take the
inputted commandline and break out of the Lisp toplevel when no more is
available. I was having a lot of problems with error-handling as of 0.6,
so I put it on hold and continued with other parts of UC until other
issues invaded my time.

Feel free to look. I'm pretty sure its laid out reasonably well. You
want to look at unicorp/plugins/lisp/*.cpp in the CVS.

I had similar problems at the start of developing UC with ECL :).
Experiment a bit with the Lisp->C compiler, stop it from deleting the
sources it generates and look at them. The external.h and
lisp_external.h headers also do ok as documentation.. and there's always
the source.

Any more questions, just ask the list. If I can't help, I'm sure someone
else can.

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